Core Team Members

We are hardcore gamers and passionate blockchain believers. We understand what the gaming industry needs. Get rewards regardless of winning or losing, executing trustless transactions and more -all built into the cardano4speed platform.


Navi (V6 Racer)

Exploring blockchain since 2015 and instantly fell in love with cardano in 2017. Ever since learning about the technology and wanted to develop something extraordinary. So here i am bringing you cardano4speed. Previously worked in one of the top ASX:200 company in Australia.


Sandeep (v6 special edition)

Sandeep’s mad coding skills and management of the dev team is why Cardano4speed functions so well. It helps that Sandeep has a masters in software applications of course, but what is less known is that he is Microsoft certified, received a varsity gold medal, and has worked with several fortune 500 companies like Accenture and Wipro.


Raman (V8)

Raman wears multiple hats. As project manager handling design team, as well as helping artists with the graphic designs. He brings a youthful spark of energy to the project and his background in gaming and design is priceless to the evolution of our next phases.


Harper (V10 special pink)

Harper brings a fresh talent of Design and implementation business strategies, plans and procedures. Setting comprehensive goals for performance and growth. Establishing policies that promote company culture and vision. She has done masters in business and started her career working at Ebay and made herself into a multinational company.She Oversees daily operations of the company and the work of our executives (IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance etc.)


Geoffrey (V10)

Geoff likes to be called “Geoffro”. It’s probably an Aussie thing, but we don’t know why (and don’t care) because Geoffro brings with him years of experience developing mobile apps, experience in cross environment development, API integration and experience in SAAS for multinational travel software companies. Geoffro’s background masters in journalism also helps with the communication side of things. All in all, Geoffro is weird, but we love him anyways.